Earlier this week a client contacted me and explained that her 7 year old Daughter had suddenly developed a painful burning and stinging sensation when passing water. It sounded like the onset of cystitis but she had not yet developed any other symptoms. The family were on holiday, however, they had their Homeopathic remedy kit with them and wanted to know if any of the remedies in the kit could help their daughter.
Apis Mellifica is a Homeopathic remedy which is often indicated for cystitis. Burning and stinging whilst urinating, especially with sudden onset, are highly characteristic of Apis Mellifica. I recommended Apis Mel 200c three times during that day and asked Mum to report back in the morning. This is the message I received:
“Hi Tanya – good news. The Apis has improved things so much and no burning or stinging at all this morning! Thanks very much. Glad we avoided a trip to the Doctors”
This is why I love Homeopathy! The speed at which the medicines can safely resolve acute health problems is just amazing.
It is advantageous when clients have their own Homeopathic kit as it means that, in an acute situation, I can recommend a remedy to be taken straight away. Sometimes I make up bespoke kits, especially when I have treated several family members, as I know the remedies they are likely to need. I also recommend Helios kits especially for beginners to Homeopathy.

If you would like to purchase a Helios Homeopathy Kit (Emergency or Basic) you can take advantage of 15% off when you order from The Natural Dispensary and use code TA015 at the checkout.

If you are wondering whether Homeopathy can help you or your family, please get in touch and we can have a chat.

I can be reached by email: tanya@inspiringhealth.co.uk or by phone 00351 966583689.  I offer online video consultations or one to one appointments in Alentejo, Portugal.