Homeopathy for Constipation

As a Homeopath and Nutritional Therapist I am often asked to help clients suffering from digestive complaints. This particular case was chronic constipation in a seven year old girl which responded quickly and easily to Homeopathic Nat Mur without any other intervention.

A Case of Chronic Childhood Constipation Resolved by Mat Mur 30c

A client consulted me about her seven year old Daughter who was suffering from chronic constipation. Upon further enquiry I discovered that she had the tendency to hold her stools. Sometimes this was because she was engrossed in what she was doing and didn’t want to interrupt her activities with a visit to the toilet. However, it was particularly problematic at school as she felt too embarrassed to ask to leave the class to go to the toilet. Like many children, she felt uncomfortable about doing a poo at school, preferring the relaxed, unscheduled environment of her own home.

Over a period of time, denying the natural urge had disrupted her bowel habits to the point where she suffered from severe constipation. At best she managed a poo every 3 days but often she could go for 5-7 days without passing a stool. Imagine her discomfort!  It was important to resolve this situation, not only for the young girl’s comfort, but because chronic constipation creates the perfect conditions for toxins to accumulate in the gut, potentially disrupting the microbiome and being reabsorbed into the blood stream.

Many Homeopathic medicines can resolve constipation. However, we need to select the Homeopathic medicine that most closely resembles the specific set of symptoms for the client. An important element of this is the emotional state, in this case embarrassment.  I prescribed Nat Mur because the indications for this medicine include chronic constipation, witholding stools and embarassment about going to the toilet when there are other people around. Nat Mur 30c was given twice daily and within a week she was passing stools more or less daily and she also felt more comfortable going to the toilet at school. I checked in a month later and she was still doing really well.

I often recommend icreased fluid intake, nutritional changes and certain supplements for constipation alongside Homeopathy. However, on the whole, the young girl ate a  nutritious, balanced diet and had adequate fluid intake. As the emotional causation was strong, I decided to use Homeopathic Nat Mur by itself at first. As the Homeopathic remedy was so successful no other changes were needed.

This is the power of Homeopathy and the reason I am so passionate about it!

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