The spring issue of ihealth magazine is now out and features my article “Managing Premenstrual Syndrome: Natural Remedies for PMS”.

PMS is a condition that affects many women and symptoms can range from mild irritability and breast tenderness to severe moods swings, bloating, extreme fatigue and debilitating headaches. Some women only actually feel like themselves for one week of each month and the symptoms can play havoc with relationships, work and social engagements.

Fortunately natural remedies for PMS can be incredibly effective at helping to restore balance. The approach that I have developed includes a powerful yet gentle holistic blend of nutrition, supplements and homeopathic medicines.

Areas that I often work on with diet are supporting hormone detoxification and blood sugar balance. When our blood sugar levels drop we can feel irritable, tearful, tired and crave sugary, fatty food – symptoms which are worse in the premenstrual period at the best of times! Keeping our blood sugar levels stable can significantly help to keep these symptoms in check. However, I have worked with clients who follow a Paleo style diet and whose blood sugar levels are very well controlled and yet they still experience intense premenstrual sugar cravings. In these cases we have found that increasing complex carbohydrates such as banana and almond nut butter on oatcakes has a balancing effect.

Supplements that I have found to be helpful for women with PMS include Evening Primrose Oil, Vitex Agnus Castus, a good quality multivitamin and mineral or B complex, magnesium and calcium.

Homeopathic remedies are a vital part of my “Managing Premenstrual Syndrome” approach and are always tailored to suit my client’s symptoms. They can help restore balance physically, mentally and emotionally and the changes are often profound and long lasting. One of my favourite remedies for helping to alleviate premenstrual irritability is Nux Vomica which can work quickly and prevent many an arguement! To find out which homeopathic remedy best suits you read my article.

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