Ths is a case of a persistent cough resolved by Homeopathy. The subject of the case was my cat Fred!

Fred was a stray cat who started visiting us when we lived in Leigh On Sea. At first she was very cautious, however, one day she plucked up the courage to enter the bungalow. After a thorough exploration, she must have decided that it met her needs (and that we would make suitable slaves) as she jumped on the sofa, curled up and fell asleep.

Why did we call a female cat Fred? Well, when she first started visiting us, she was very timid and we couldn’t get close enough to see whether she was male or female. We started calling her friend but this eventually got shorter and she ended up as Fred.

Fred has proved to be an adaptable and loyal companion. Our move to Portugal was extremely stressful for her but she quickly adjusted. Even when we were moving to a new place we only ever needed to keep her in for one night as she always prefers to be close to us. When we found two abandoned puppies and adopted them she was suitably unimpressed but she took it all in her stride and has learnt to tolerate them.

A while ago Fred developed sudden, alarming bouts of coughing and gagging. At first I thought she might have hairballs although she wasn’t able to bring anything up. Her appetite, thirst and weight were unchanged and she was her usual friendly self. I wasn’t sure whether the problem was gastrointestinal or respiratory. However, as her appetite was normal and she didn’t seem to experience any abdominal discomfort on gentle pressure, I concluded that it was more likely a respiratory issue. It is quite a challenge to prescribe for an animal as they can’t tell us how they are feeling. However, one of the skills required to be an effective Homeopath is objective observation. Having observed Fred closely I decided to give her homeopathic causticum as it is a remedy for coughs without being able to bring anything up.  Fred’s symptoms slowly improved over a few days and within a week she was symptom free.

However, a couple of months ago the symptoms returned and I noticed that Fred was also snoring much more loudly than usual and there was a definite bubbling sound when she coughed and purred. Again, she seemed well in herself but she had got wet after being out exploring in the rain so I considered that this may have been a contributory factor. Her symptoms now indicated homeopathic bacillinum which is one of the remedies for for congestion of the lungs with bubbling and a difficult cough, unproductive cough. She was most insistent that she did not want to take the homeopathc pillules so I put a drop of the remedy in her drinking water and she consumed this over a couple of days. I am delighted to report that her symptoms cleared within a few days and have not returned.


Baccillinum is a remedy that I often prescribe for clients who are prone to catching colds and who present with lung congestion, bubbling mucus, oppression of the chest, difficulty coughing up mucus and suffocative catarrh which is particularly problematic at night. It is an excellent remedy for quickly clearing lung congestion.

I have seen homeopathy work its magic time and time again in situations like this. If you would like help with a health issue please do get in touch to find out more.

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Note: I am not a vet but as an experienced Homeopath I prescribe homeopathic remedies to my own cat, dogs and chickens when needed. However, we always consult a vet when we feel this is necessary. Our local vet is also supportive of of us using Homeopathy.