As a result of the current COVID-19 pandemic, many people are suffering from tremendous fear and anxiety. This fear is not just about the virus itself but also concerning the knock on effects such as separation from family and friends, loss of income, fear of being alone, fear about what the future holds, anxiety about loved ones and so much more. It is understandable that these fears would arise and I have experienced some of these emotions myself in recent weeks, which have been alleviated by using flower remedies and homeopathy.

A 2020 study in The Lancet revealed that enforced quarantine can cause negative psychological effects including post-traumatic stress symptoms, confusion, anxiety, anger and anxiety-induced insomnia. Some researchers have suggested that these effects may be long-lasting.

” Quarantine is often an unpleasant experience for those who undergo it. Separation from loved ones, the loss of freedom, uncertainty over disease status, and boredom can, on occasion, create dramatic effects. Suicide has been reported, substantial anger generated, and lawsuits brought following the imposition of quarantine in previous outbreaks. The potential benefits of mandatory mass quarantine need to be weighed carefully against the possible psychological costs.”

We will each deal with the quarantine measures in our own way depending on our personal circumstances and personality. Some people will take it in their stride and view it as an opportunity to rest, others will feel intense anxiety and even hopelessness and others will feel anger about the enforced restriction of our freedom.

However, it is possible to reduce our fears and anxieties using homeopathy and flower remedies. One of things that has always left me in awe of Homeopathy is it’s remarkable ability to rebalance our emotions as well as our physical health.

In this article I have included a selection of homeopathic remedies focusing on fear and anxiety. However, there are many more. If you would like a personalised video consultation please do not hesitate to get in touch. I can also advise you about the best nutritional supplements to support your immune system.

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Homeopathic Medicines For Fear & Anxiety

In Homeopathy we have many medicines that can help to alleviate fear and anxiety. When selecting a Homeopathic medicine for fear and anxiety, we always need to choose the remedy which most closely resembles our emotional state. As you can see from the repertorisation below, Arsenicum Album, Phosphorus,  Argent Nit, Carc and Calc Carb are particularly well indicated for anxiety about health, fear of disease, fear which is worse when alone. Carc is also well indicated, however, as it is a deep acting miasmatic remedy I would not recommend self prescribing Carc.

Managing fear and anxiety Homeopathy

Arsenicum Album

Arsenicum Album is a remedy which closely resonates with the current COVID-19 pandemic on many levels. Arsenicum is a very well known homeopathic remedy for anxiety about health, fear of disease and fear of being alone. A person needing Arsenicum will usually be very restless with the anxiety and they tend to feel better when everything is in order. For example, someone needing Arsenicum may find temporary relief from the anxiety by obesessively cleaning the house and making sure that everything is in it’s place.



Great anguish and restlessnessCOVID 19 Fear & Anxiety Aresenicum

Fear, fright and worry

Fear of death when alone or when going to bed


Thoughts of disease, persistent, tormenting thoughts

Fear of death, of being left alone

Anxiety alleviated by motion


Gloomy forebodings whilst lying in bed, in the evening

Fears something may have hppened to his/her relatives

Dwells on thoughts about  disease when alone

Increasingly irritable

Disturbed, anxious, restless sleep


Phosphorus also has anxiety about health but the fears experienced by someone needing Phosphorus are more about concern for others and fear that something bad will happen. People needing Phosphorus tend to have a very sympathetic nature so they worry a lot about other people. Phosphorus types are extremely sensitive to their environment, to energy and to the feelings of others. Therefore, people with this predisposition will find this time of collective anxiety and fear very challenging. Being isolated can be extemely difficult for a Phosphorus person because they are sociable and tactile. Isolation can bring out a lot of fears, however, if this remedy is well indicated it will do a lot to soothe the fears and anxieties. If would like to read an article about a case of severe anxiety that I treated with Phosphorus click here


Anxiety for othersCOVID 19 Fear & Anxiety Homeopathy Phosphorus


Fear arising from the stomach


Fear of death when alone

Great lowness of spirits

Fear of being alone

Argentum Nitricum (Arg-Nit)

Argent Nit is a well established Homeopathic medicine for anticipatory anxiety. It is a remedy that many of my clients know and love. When indicated, it is an outstanding remedy for fear of going to the Doctors or dentist, anxiety before exams with fear of failing, anxiety before any event, even if it is something pleasurable. I use Arg Nit before doing a talk if I find myself feeling anxious and pacing about. Usually I can feel the difference within 10 minutes of taking it.  A person in an Arg Nit state will now be going through all the “what if’s” and visualising all the possible scenarios which might occur in great detail. Like Arsenicum, a person needing Arg-Nit wll be restless with the anxiety and need to move. They also have a strong craving for fresh air they will find it extremely difficult to stay in the house.


Fearful and nervous

Anxiety about serious disease

Apprehensive about incurable diseaseCOVID 19 Fear & Anxiety Homeopathy Arg Nit

Time passes to slowly

Impulsive, wants to do things in a hurry

Diarrhoea from anxiety

Fear of losing self control

Desire to talk to someone

Feeling of a cloud hanging over onself with great depression and sighing, usually worse in a closed room

Irritability with nervousness

Need to walk fast when vervous

Strong craving for fresh air

Calcera Carbonica (Calc Carb)

Like Phosphorus, Calc Carb types tend to be sympathetic and they are, therefore, deeply effected by sad stories. People needing Calc Carb will generally avoid watching the news because it is too upsetting for them.



Fear of contagious disease

Anxiety about health

Apprehensive; worse towards the evening

Fear of misfortune

Despairing, hopless of ever getting well

Depressed, melancholic, doubting mood


Anxiety alternating with irritability

Frequent waking at night

Night terrors

Bach Flower Remedies

I often prescribe flower remedies in addition to Homeopathic medicine and I find that my clients love taking these personalised blends. I also use flower remedies myself and sometimes I feel the difference within minutes of taking them. For the last few nights I have had troubling dreams, undoubtedly due to all that is going on in the world at the moment. Last night I put a couple of drops of Aspen in a glass of water which I sipped before going to bed and I slept well without experiencing disturbing dreams.  Rescue Remedy is a well known Bach Flower Remedy blend which can be fantastic in acute situations. However, I find that the results are better when the remedies are selected based upon a clients unique emotional state.

These are a few of the Bach Flower Remedies which I feel are particularly likely to be needed at the moment. They can be blended together and are extremely safe and easy to take. For example, you can add 3 drops of each indicated remedy to a bottle of water and sip it throughout the day.


Specific anxieties and fears including fear of illness and pain, fear of death, fear of the future, fear of being alone


Sudden attacks of anxiety, inexplicable fears and apprehensions, nightmares – wakes in fear & panic, imagination running wild , children don’t want to be alone or sleep in the dark

Cherry PlumCOVID 19 Fear & Anxiety Flower Remedies

Fear of losing control, desperate and feeling as if one is about to have a nervous breakdown, sudden uncontrolled outbreaks of rage

Rock Rose

Suddenly escalating fears and anxieties, painic stricken, terror, panic due to nightmares

Sweet Chestnut

Extreme despair, feelng that the utmost limit of endurance has been reached, feels utterly lost inside, helpless and in total isolation, “dark night of the soul”, feeling as if there is only chaos and destruction, loss of hope, afraid of breaking down under stress

White Chestnut

Persistent, unwanted thoughts going round and round, insomia due to thoughts, constant mental chatter, dwelling on particular thoughts


Resistance and difficulty adjusting to a change in circumstances, an unexpected outside event forces one to rethink one’s whole approach to life

If you would like to study the Bach Flower Remedies in more detail, I highly recommend this book. Click on the image to purchase it from Amazon.