About Tanya Artus, Inspiring Health.

Homeopath, Nutritional Therapist & Health Writer.

I have my Dad to thank for sparking my interest in Homeopathy and natural health. As a teenager I suffered from severe eczema around my mouth which was unbearably itchy, not to mention unsightly, and it was knocking my confidence. Over a period of months, I tried all sorts of prescribed and over the counter creams and ointments but nothing helped, apart from hydrocortisone cream, which was not a long term option as it damages the skin.

My Dad knew of a Homeopath who had helped a friend’s son to recover from Bell’s Palsy so he took me for an appointment. The Homeopath, Martin Duncombe, prescribed homeopathic remedies, a vitamin B complex and calendula ointment to use topically. To my amazement and delight, within a week the eczema had completely cleared up! Homeopathy also helped me get back on my feet a few years later after suffering from severe glandular fever. I was intrigued by this strange medicine and after several years in jobs that weren’t satisfying me, I took the plunge and trained to be a Homeopath.

My decision to study Homeopathy was a turning point in my life, opening my mind, meeting like minded people and learning about something that I was passionate about.

As a Homeopath I have always been mindful that nutrition is one of the foundations of health, influencing our physical, mental and emotional state. After a few years of setting up practice as a Homeopath, I studied and gained a BSc. Degree in Nutritional Medicine which deepened my knowledge about health further and enabled me to provide an even more holistic and professional service to my clients.

I am currently travelling in Portugal with my partner in the pursuit of our dream to buy a small farm and live as self sufficiently as possible.

I offer consultations on a one to one basis, by telephone, Skype or What’s App.

A couple of years ago I started my blog which is a combination of my knowledge, supported by scientific evidence where possible, but most importantly based on my experience as a professional Homeopath and Nutritional Therapist. Throughout my blog, I share with you the approaches, products and remedies that I have found to be really effective.

I hope to inspire you and share knowledge that will empower you to transform your health.

Professional Qualifications:

Tanya is a fully qualified Nutritional Therapist and Homeopath. She has a Diploma in Homeopathy and graduated from Thames Valley University with a BSc. in Nutritional Medicine.

Tanya is a caring, enthusiastic and versatile therapist. Dedicated and passionate about her work Tanya is committed to the continuing development of her knowledge and skills.