Food intolerance testing – the science supporting testing for these 5 conditions

The Benefits of Food Intolerance Testing Food intolerance can cause a wide variety of symptoms which typically occur anywhere between 8-72 hours after eating the offending foods. This delayed onset and long time period can make it quite a challenge to identify which foods are effecting you. In this situation, food intolerance testing can [...]

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Homeopathic Desensitisation

Homeopathic desensitisation, also known as Isopathy, is a subtype of Homeopathy which involves taking a homeopathically prepared remedy made from the same substance that you have a reaction to. The remedy helps to rebalance your body so that you don't continue to produce symptoms when exposed to the offending substance. I love cats and yet [...]

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Homeopathic Remedies for Hayfever

When it comes to hayfever, homeopathic remedies can provide quick, effective relief without any side effects. For the most effective long term relief, homeopathic desensitisation taken alongside the remedy that is most indicated for your symptoms works best. Desensitisation involves taking a homeopathic remedy made from whatever you are allergic to, for example, tree, grass, [...]

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Food Allergy and Intolerance

Are you suffering from food allergy or food intolerance? The December issue of ihealth magazine is now out with lots of health tips for the festive season. It also features my article “Understanding Food Allergy and Intolerance”. As a Nutritional Therapist, food allergy and intolerance is an area that I am often consulted about. [...]

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