The client, a lady in her fourties, had endured a long period of challenges in many different areas of her life. She had reached rock bottom and was crying uncontrollably when I saw her. Between tears and long sighs she spoke of a series of stressful events, bad news, ongoing worry and disappointments.

I gave her a dose of Ignatia 200c and within just a couple of minutes she stopped crying and became considerably calmer. She was surprised at how quickly the remedy brought a sense of calm, clarity and balance.

We were then able to speak further and I discovered that she had many characteristics of the remedy Ignatia. She revealed that she is an idealistic person prone to sudden changes in moods. She often feels irritable, especially if she is contradicted. She is driven and holds herself and others to high standards. She is highly sensitive and usually very intuitive, however, the recent disappointments and bad news had thrown her off completely off balance. She had been silently brooding over these events until she couldn’t keep the emotion in any more and she broke down into uncontrollable crying.

An “Ignatia” state may be triggered by:

  • grief
  • disappointments
  • bad news
  • relationship break ups (disappointed love)
  • anger with silent grief
  • shame
  • fright
  • worry

Other Symptoms:

A person in an Ignatia state tends to feel better from physical exertion such as running or walking fast.

They feel better whilst eating and may have a tendency to eat away stresses. This can be to the point of binging (Ignatia is a remedy which may help some people with Bulimia). There may also be an empty, sinking feeling which is not relieved by eating.

They may be averse to eating fruit (but I have not always found this to be the case) and they often detest tobacco smoke.

They may experience the sensation of a lump in the throat and spasmodic symptoms including twitching around the mouth, hiccoughs and violent spasmodic yawning. The crying tends to be uncontrollable sobbing.

Ignatia is also a remedy for fainting from grief, pain, excitement and in a crowded room.

A person who is in an Ignatia state will usually not want to be comforted as consulation makes them feel worse.


Ignatia is also a wonderful remedy for insomnia from grief, sadness, worry, anxiety, mental strain and worrying about work especially with the following indications:

  • Difficulty sleeping before Midnight and between 2 and 5m
  • Light sleep, woken by every sound, hears everything incuding sounds in the distance
  • Fear of never sleeping again
  • Violent spasmodic yawning
  • Starting on falling asleep
  • Changing position frequetly in bed

Keynotes (strong guiding symptoms)





CHANGEABLE MOODS e.g laughing suddenly changing to sadness and tears