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COVID-19: Focus On Vitamin D

There are many supplements which have the potential to help us resist COVID-19 by strengthening our immune system. This article will focus on the role of Vitamin D in immune health as well as guidance for testing and supplementation. Vitamin D has been one of the most extensively researched Vitamins in recent years and [...]

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COVID-19: Homeopathy & Flower Remedies for Fear and Anxiety

As a result of the current COVID-19 pandemic, many people are suffering from tremendous fear and anxiety. This fear is not just about the virus itself but also concerning the knock on effects such as separation from family and friends, loss of income, fear of being alone, fear about what the future holds, anxiety [...]

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Coronavirus: strengthening your resistance with Homeopathy

In the last few days several clients have asked what homeopathic remedies and supplements I would recommend to help protect against Coronavirus (COVID-19). There re so many options available to us that I am dividing my answer into two articles. The first is about strengthening your resistance with Homeopathy, and the second will be [...]

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A case of a persistent cough resolved by homeopathy

Ths is a case of a persistent cough resolved by Homeopathy. The subject of the case was my cat Fred! Fred was a stray cat who started visiting us when we lived in Leigh On Sea. At first she was very cautious, however, one day she plucked up the courage to enter the bungalow. [...]

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Food intolerance testing – the science supporting testing for these 5 conditions

The Benefits of Food Intolerance Testing Food intolerance can cause a wide variety of symptoms which typically occur anywhere between 8-72 hours after eating the offending foods. This delayed onset and long time period can make it quite a challenge to identify which foods are effecting you. In this situation, food intolerance testing can [...]

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Homeopathic Medicines Contain Nanoparticles Of The Original Substance – The Research

There have been many therories over the years about how homeopathy works.  This article will explore the exciting findings of independent researchers who have proved, using electron microscopy, that homeopathic medicines contain nanoparticles of the orginal substance. Before we get into the details of the research, it is important to understand how homeopathic medicines [...]

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3 High Quality Food Supplements

In an ideal world we would obtain all of our nutritional requirements from our diet without needing to take food supplements. Unfortunately, food production nowdays is far from idea!  Depleted soils, lengthy transport and storage times, exposure to light and processing are just some of the factors which influence the nutritional value of food. [...]

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Chronic Constipation Resolved by Homeopathic Nat Mur

Homeopathy for Constipation As a Homeopath and Nutritional Therapist I am often asked to help clients suffering from digestive complaints. This particular case was chronic constipation in a seven year old girl which responded quickly and easily to Homeopathic Nat Mur without any other intervention. A Case of Chronic Childhood Constipation Resolved by Mat [...]

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Homeopathic Apis Mellifica for Cystitis

Earlier this week a client contacted me and explained that her 7 year old Daughter had suddenly developed a painful burning and stinging sensation when passing water. It sounded like the onset of cystitis but she had not yet developed any other symptoms. The family were on holiday, however, they had their Homeopathic remedy [...]

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