Chronic Constipation Resolved by Homeopathic Nat Mur

Homeopathy for Constipation As a Homeopath and Nutritional Therapist I am often asked to help clients suffering from digestive complaints. This particular case was chronic constipation in a seven year old girl which responded quickly and easily to Homeopathic Nat Mur without any other intervention. A Case of Chronic Childhood Constipation Resolved by Mat [...]

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Homeopathic Apis Mellifica for Cystitis

Earlier this week a client contacted me and explained that her 7 year old Daughter had suddenly developed a painful burning and stinging sensation when passing water. It sounded like the onset of cystitis but she had not yet developed any other symptoms. The family were on holiday, however, they had their Homeopathic remedy [...]

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Exam Stress: supplements, homeopathy and nutrition to the rescue

Studying for exams can be an intensely stressful and exhausting period. Nutrition is particularly important during this time to support energy levels and concentration and yet many University students are under such pressure that they simply don't have time to prepare nutritious meals. Grabbing fast food on the run or skipping meals can lead [...]

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Is the flu vaccine or a natural approach best for your child?

After a friend recently asked my thoughts about the nasal flu vaccine for her Daughter, I realised that parents in the UK are not being provided with important facts about vaccinations. I am sharing this information for parents who feel unsure about that to do and are considering a different approach. This post is [...]

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Homeopathy for Measles

Homeopathy for Measles Homeopathic remedies and tissue salts may help alleviate the symptoms of measles, make your child more comfortable, speed up recovery and help prevent complications. In the UK measles is a notificable disease which means that, even if you choose to use homeopathic remedies, you should inform your GP if you [...]

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Homeopathic Remedies for Chickenpox

Chickenpox is a common childhood illness which most children catch at some point and which is often mild. Chickenpox is infectious from about one to two days before the rash develops, until all the blisters have fully crusted over. Homeopathic remedies may help to ease itching and discomfort, prevent infection and scarring and speed up [...]

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