Tired all the time? Could it be your thyroid?

Most of us experience periods of fatigue from time to time, especially if we have been overdoing things or going through a period of stress. However, if you are tired all the time, could it be your thyroid? If you feel like you are dragging yourself around, just trying to get through the day, [...]

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A Natural Approach to Endometriosis

Endometriosis is an extremely distressing yet under diagnosed condition which can severely compromise quality of life. Endometriosis affects women of reproductive age and occurs when endometrial (womb) tissue implants itself and grows in other areas of the body. Often this occurs in the pelvic cavity but it can affect any part of the body including [...]

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Natural Remedies for PMS

The spring issue of ihealth magazine is now out and features my article “Managing Premenstrual Syndrome: Natural Remedies for PMS”. PMS is a condition that affects many women and symptoms can range from mild irritability and breast tenderness to severe moods swings, bloating, extreme fatigue and debilitating headaches. Some women only actually feel like themselves [...]

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